1. “It feels like he has been with us for a long time; like a long-lost brother.” –  D. Castronovo
  2. “Side by side with the four tall guys, he looks ‘cute,’ a virtual ‘little’ Journey brother.” -after a Manila presscon
  3. “You know, that magazine has never been nice to us.” – N. Schon on Rollingstone Magazine
  4. “It took me 25 years to get noticed” – A. Pineda
  5. “Now is my chance to give back” – A. Pineda on creating a foundation to help the poor
  6. “I am actually looking forward to the scrutiny I’ll get from the hardcore Journey fans. I know they will expect me to sound exactly like Steve Perry but that will never happen. I know there’s only one Steve Perry in this world.” – A. Pineda
  7. “We are international now. We are not about one color.” – J. Cain
  8. “Arnel brings a soulful and passionate voice to Journey. His personality is well suited to our music. He is a sincere, authentic person with a great smile and a big heart. I think fans are really going to love him. With Arnel’s soaring tenor, Journey returns to our heritage sound.” – J. Cain
  9. “After watching the videos over and over again, I had to walk away from the computer and let what I’d heard sink in because it sounded too good to be true.” – N.Schon after watching Arnel Pineda’s YouTube’s clips for the first time
  10. “A monster vocalist. He is the real deal. Just phenomenal. For the record, I think Arnel is ‘the business!’ The guy can really sing! He handles the ballads with so much heart, and belts the rockers as hard, and melodically, as anyone I have heard.” – Kevin Shirley (producer)
  11. “When other kids were playing sports, I was playing guitar — it was an obsession.” – N. Schon
  12. “With our brand-new friend (pointing to Arnel) here, it’s like we’re back from where we left off. It’s just so familiar, settled and comfortable. We got the magic back.” – Ross Valory, on John Blackstone’s interview for the CBS Sunday Morning News
  13. “It’s a big sponge that’s open to world music. We grew up breathing music; it’s in our veins and in our hearts by age five. It’s infused with our passion.” – A.Pineda, on his native land (Philippines)
  14. “Initially, the plan was to rerecord the greatest hits and three or four new songs, but once we got a few songs prepared with Arnel, things were going surprisingly smoothly. He was tearing through the tracks—no Pro Tools fixes, none of that crap—It doesn’t feel right to just do the greatest hits and a couple of new songs. We gotta write more stuff. If we’re going to have 11 old tracks, let’s have 11 new tracks, too.” – N.Schon (Guitar Player interview)
  15. “Wes Montgomery used to say in interviews that he liked playing after eating a salami sandwich, because the grease acted like Finger-Ease, and that that was one way he got such a smooth sound with his thumb and fretting fingers. I swear to god, every time I get a new guitar now, I take the strings off, get some sliced salami, and rub it up and down the fretboard, and let the grease soak in. Then I wipe off the neck and string it up. With new wood, it works really well. You’d be surprised. And sometimes [wipes forehead and then starts playing] I use my own grease. It’s organic!” – N.Schon (Guitar Player interview)
  16. “It is as simple as having made ‘good songs that rock’ and not trying to make ‘good rock songs.’” – N.Schon
  17. “Oh, we are jamming! It happens nightly, in fact. We were known as ‘the jam band on steroids’ in the early days and I would like to get back to that.” – N.Schon
  18. “When he gets what I call ‘Wiggly Head,’ he starts moving his head and tearing it up, I just lose it too and we tear it up together! It is very cool. I have played with so many guitarists and no one compares to him. That guy is a monster and he is playing better than he ever has before which is saying something and he never stops!” – Deen on N.Schon
  19. “Critics tried to put us in a box. We made radio records, really good records. They sound effortless when you listen to them.” – Jonathan Cain
  20. “We’ve got such young kids in our audience right now that it would blow your mind.”  –  Schon
  21. “That’s why so many people come to our live shows. We’re not a downer; we’re an upper.” – Schon
  22. Now that we’ve plugged Arnel into the band, I think we have all the pieces to make great music and play great concerts for the next decade. – J. Cain / McKinney News 8/27/09

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  1. asd

  2. When will Neal, Steve and Jonathan realize that these 3 guys-each made Journey-it took each guy and their gifted talent to make Journey-and the miracle of it was they found each other-never could one guy do it by theirself. They tried but it would not work..Each member holds a key to the Journey-each key is equal-not one more than the other….Just as say (the beatles) it took-Lennon,McCartney, Harrison and Starr to make the group-they each held a key-an equal key-without one of the keys there could be no more beatles…
    Life is to short guys-John Lennon was taken out at 40. You better know if he would had lived-the beatles would had at leasr recored – maybe some TV concert specials-they would had enjoyed making music together and thats what matters-not touring and wipeing yourselves out-but enjoying and creating music together-All of you were once close as brothers and yes we all make mistakes but we learn through them and go on. Yesterday may had been filledwith a lot of disheartening things in everyones lives-but we all had to grow up and learn and it does not mean you hate someone-its just something everyone has to do..but today is today-ever heard of forgiveness and stop playing the blame game-it gets you no where and it only hurts you..all of you former members of the real Journey you are the real Journey and you have so much talent together as a whole not to enjoy it-love one another and let everything else go it does not matter..do you get what I am saying-I hope so..and it is not to late for you guys-it would be such a same if you let what happen to the beatles happen to you-you have now,,,,,what really does matter-pride or real friendship and being able to create great music and enjoy doing it? I hope some how Neal, Jonatham or Steve will read this or someone who knows then will get this to them..maybe they just really need to think about what matters most-

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