Journey giving preview of new album “Eclipse” at Planet Hollywood – Entertainment / Neon –

Journey, in fact, seems the one veteran group that’s been aided rather than diminished by drafting a younger, sound-alike singer — 43-year-old Arnel Pineda — to replace the voice of its ’80s heyday, Steve Perry. “We like his energy. He’s brought a lot of heart and soul to this band,” Cain says of the quintet still helmed by founding guitarist Neal Schon.

The Filipino Pineda also inspires a lot of national pride. “When you can play Manila for 40,000 people, that kind of works.”

Come May, however, Journey wants to quit looking back and start living as a present-tense band again. Wednesday’s audience at Planet Hollywood’s concert hall is due for a three-song preview of the new album, “Eclipse,” due May 24.

Cain describes it as “a concept record with some spiritual themes to it. Pretty tough, hard-hitting stuff. This is Journey with big combat boots on. And helmet and a rifle.”

Cain’s lyrics sustain the band’s hopeful themes of “searching for soulfulness and enlightenment and love and all the stuff that Journey’s about.” But the album also has a larger dynamic sweep with “some darker stuff in there.”

“We just felt like it was time to send a message to the world about how we feel about life in general,” he says.

The album incorporates Hindu principles of Tantra, “the belief that life is kind of a weave, a circle of energy, a life force that’s woven with the universe in all of us. We dove deep into it.”

Cain goes so far as to call the album “one of those headphone records.”

via Journey giving preview of new album at Planet Hollywood – Entertainment / Neon –

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  1. May 24 is way too far away.

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