Classic Pop, Rock & Country News, Nov. 20 –

Journey frontman Steve Perry has asked the band for his old job back. Perry was lead singer from 1978-87 and again from 1995-98 and retired after that second stint in the band.

Guitarist Neal Schon was reported to have said no to this notion, saying “The fact is, he’s no longer the lead singer. He walked out.” It turns out the rumor is untrue. According to a spokesman for the singer, Perry has no desire to return to the band or come out of retirement. Journey plans to release its second album with singer Arnel Pineda next year. The group will remain off the road until next June when they’re joined by Styx and Foreigner on a tour of Great Britain.

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2 Responses

  1. Yeah, could this blog PLEASE stop posting this crap story? It’s not true, both Perry and Journey had said it’s not true, and the source for it was a stupid scandal rag out of London.

  2. LOL

    I think that is funny! That was brought to my attention from a bunch of SP fans that said that had been brought up every now and again BUT that it’s not true.

    Unless SP & Journey came out and said it themselves than I would believe it BUT otherwise I wouldnt believe any of that crap!!!!!

    Debs 🙂

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