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Ex-Journey frontman Steve Perry has amazed his former bandmates by asking to rejoin the group. (Don’t Stop Believin’? More like: Would You Believe It?)

Perry left the Bay Area AOR legends for good in 1998 to embark on a solo career. He was replaced by Steve Augeri and then Jeff Scott Soto. Filipino YouTube discovery Arnel Pineda took over vocal duties in 2007.

Journey have since enjoyed renewed success after their classic track Don’t Stop Believin’ – with Perry on vocals – was featured in The Sopranos and covered by the cast of hit TV musical Glee.

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2 Responses

  1. No, it wasn’t Neal that started the rumor. It was the London Daily Star, a scandal rag notorious for taking quotes waaaaay out of context (as well as making them up wholesale). Think “National Enquirer” with tons less credibility and absolutely no journalistic integrity. The Star made it up, period (and blogs like this that don’t check the facts that perpetuate the rumors — folks, if it doesn’t come via official Journey announcement, FanAsylum, or Steve Perry’s own mouth, it didn’t happen.)

  2. This is SO NOT TRUE !! Thank Neal Schon for starting this rumor. He is still an ass just like the good old days.

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