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Did you hear about Steve Perry telling his former Journey mates that he wants to rejoin the band? Well…

Several music blogs ran with an item today claiming Perry had asked Journey for his old job back. Apparently the singer loved leading San Francisco Giants fans in a rendition of “Don’t Stop Believing” during the National League playoffs soooo much that he’d like to do it full time.


The report may have originated with London’s Daily Star which ran a short piece saying Perry had asked to rejoin the band after seeing “Don’t Stop Believing” performed by cast members on the hit TV show “Glee.” The item even had a quote from Journey guitarist Neil Schon – “He seems to be enjoying the spotlight a little too much. The fact is he’s no longer the lead singer. He walked out.”

But while Schon’s response in the Daily Star seems to put the kibosh on Perry ever rejoining the band, it still doesn’t answer the real question – Did Perry even ask the band about it?

We don’t know, either. But a Journey representative, after pointing out the band already has a singer – Arnel Pineda – reminded us about the band’s upcoming album scheduled for a 2011 release as well as plans for a world tour, then asked, “Where does this stuff come from?”

via About Those Journey / Steve Perry Rumors | Pollstar – The Concert Hotwire.


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