How many remember the band Journey?-

We admit it, for many of you, we are about to bring back a few memories, and just maybe, create a few new ones.How many remember the band Journey? Hmmm..that’s more than we thought. Okay, how many remember the song Faithfully? Wow, we are impressed.

Imagine you and another at a Journey concert in the early 80s. Steve Perry starts to sing Faithfully. The crowd starts to lip sync with Perry and all of sudden it isn’t two people lost in the music, it’s one person living the music.

Who would have thought that the next 25 years would pass that fast? I know at Wax Ink, those days seemed such a short time ago.

Investing for retirement happens the same way. Before you realize it, the days have passed, and our working lives have come to an end.

via Vistaprint N.V. – A Distant Vision —

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