Icon Music Group’s Latest Signing Worth the “Waite” – PR.com

Icon Music Group’s Latest Signing Worth the “Waite”Los Angeles, CA, July 22, 2010 –PR.com– The Icon Music Group is pleased to announce the signing of John Waite to a North American record deal. The highly successful English rock singer and musician has made it big both as a lead vocalist for the bands The Babys and Bad English, as well as a solo artist with his #1 hit “Missing You.” His highly anticipated forthcoming solo album of new material comes out early next year on the Icon/Vantage label.

Waite’s career spans over 30 years, including nine solo albums, chart-topping records and sold-out concerts around the world. The start of his success came in the late 1970s with his band The Babys. They had five studio albums together and a number of Top 40 hits including “Isn’t It Time?” and “Everytime I Think Of You.” Waite released his first solo album, Ignition, in 1982 which boasted the MTV/rock radio staple “Change.” A year later, back with a new record No Brakes, Waite found himself at the top of the charts with his hit “Missing You.” The song was huge around the world and made it to #1 on the US Billboard Hot 100. Twenty years on, “Missing You” remains a radio staple, covered by artists from Tina Turner to Rod Stewart, and most recently, pop artist Orianthi covered the classic in her 2010 album Believe.

In the late 1980s, Waite released more solo albums before returning to the top of the charts during a two-album tenure as front man for the pop/rock super group Bad English, which featured Waite’s former Babys bandmates Jonathan Cain and Ricky Phillips along with Neal Schon from Journey and drummer Deen Castronovo. The band’s number one single, “When I See You Smile,” sparked sold-out concert tours and a succession of Billboard Hot 100 Hits. But when the group’s spark was gone, Waite packed his bags and returned to life as a solo songsmith.

via Icon Music Group’s Latest Signing Worth the “Waite” – PR.com.

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