Frontiers honors the music of Journey at Hobart Friday

There are plenty of tribute bands on the rock circuit but few have a direct lifeline back to the original act like Frontiers: The Journey Tribute.

The Roanoke, Va., band is led by lead singer Jeremey Hunsicker, who worked with Journey in 2007 during the band’s search for a replacement for legendary vocalist Steve Perry. Hunsicker eventually declined the offer to join Journey, but one of the songs he co-wrote during his tryout phase, “Never Walk Away,” ended up on the classic rock act’s platinum selling 2008 album “Revelation.”

“There really weren’t any Journey tribute shows in the area when we started doing this in 2002,” Hunsicker said. “We did it part-time for a couple of years, but then it kind of snowballed when Journey keyboardist Jonathan Cain found out who I was and was interested in me for the new singing position in Journey.

“That developed into something completely different,” he added. “Now I do Frontiers full-time and travel all over three or four days a week.”

Hunsicker, who worked as a sales representative in the trucking industry for a decade, played music on the side before quitting his day job in May 2008. While he’d be making more money as lead singer for Journey, he relishes the freedom he has with Frontiers.

via Frontiers honors the music of Journey at Hobart Friday.


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