7. The Glow « Audrey Owen

7. The Glow

Posted by Audrey Owen on April 1, 2010


Let’s take a moment here.

Because, as Dr. Poirier himself told me, right up front, “what I have to tell you might make you wonder about my sanity. But I assure you, it is all quite true.”

I’m not saying it IS true, just as Dr. Poirier couldn’t swear to me that the levitation story was true. All I can tell you is that exactly one year ago I sat in a room with a man who appeared to be the very definition of rationality. I am pretty good at spotting the little things we all do when we’re telling stories: embellish, deflect, spin, withhold, and sometimes flat-out lie.

The man in front of me didn’t appear to be doing any of those things. I think the best way I can describe his manner is to say that he was a man telling the truth about something he’d give anything not to have to tell the truth about. He wasn’t excited or edgy or tense… I’d say his manner was resigned as he told me his version of the lightning story, the one he had heard from Perry himself, the one I later confirmed with my source.

“This was during our conversation about whether I would join them on tour. We’d been introduced by a good mutual friend, so Mr. Perry had reason to trust me when I saw his throat during a standard physical exam. I’ll tell you,” Dr, Poirier laughed, “it’s not precisely what one expects to see when one says ‘Say Ah’. The exact chemical composition I have never been able to determine. Mr. Perry and I have called it simply The Glow.”

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2 Responses

  1. NICE STORY!!!! TO BAD IT’S NOT REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    why can’t people just leave the man alone untill he’s ready to come back to the limelight if he chooses to at all!

  2. Two words: F A N F I C T I O N !!!!!!!!
    Total garbage.

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