6. Lightning Strikes « Audrey Owen

6. Lightning Strikes

Posted by Audrey Owen on April 1, 2010


In 1976 a band called Pieces was trying to break into the Bay Area music scene, but with little success. One of their main assets was a singer with a solid R&B background and a great range, a guy named Steve Perry.

The band had rehearsal space in a warehouse complex, and friends would gather nightly to listen. I later found another source to validate Dr. Poirier’s version of events, an eyewitness who refused to let us use his name. Maybe it’s best to let him tell the story in his own words:

TRANSCRIPT: INTERVIEW W/ (name withheld)

INTERVIEWER: Tell me about the band, and the night you mentioned, the lightning.

RESPONDENT: It was great, man — we would hang out, listen to the band, joke around.

Steve was really funny, just a really good guy. They were working, you know, Steve

was pretty serious about it. But it was fun, too.

So one night they’re rehearsing — it was a crazy night, electrical storms. Have you

ever seen one of those? Amazing! You just don’t know the sky can do something like

that until you see it. Anyway, the band and just finishing this song, running

through it, right?

I: What happened?

R: Steve doesn’t remember, but I was there. He was singing this long note, and…

it was sort of like lightning, right? Straight through the window and hit Steve,

raising him off the ground. But lightning just cracks, ZAM! and then it’s gone;

this was sort of steady. Also, if it was lightning, Steve would have been…

I: Wait a minute…

R: No, seriously, I know how this sounds, but hear me out, ok? You said you

wanted the whole thing, and this is it.

Continuation via:  6. Lightning Strikes « Audrey Owen.

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