4. The Perry Parade « Audrey Owen

4. The Perry Parade

Posted by Audrey Owen on April 1, 2010


Yes, he said “they“. He did not, however, say who.

What he did say was that there had been four stand-ins at different times in Journey’s history. Perry himself performed the Japanese leg of the Frontiers tour; the stand-in began performing for the US dates. To cover any physical differences between the first and second parts of the tour, Perry and the stand-in cut their hair and grew the infamous mustaches for good measure.

The plan was for the stand-in to make themselves scarce, seemingly distant and aloof. That wasn’t too hard to fake; apparently, it wasn’t exactly a jovial atmosphere. The rest of the band complained that Steve would show up, sing, and take off again: “Elvis has left the building.” That pattern, as irritating as it may have been for the rest of the band, was absolutely key to the plan, which was for the stand-in was to handle most of the public duties, so Perry could step in for performances when the mood struck. Which, according to Dr. Poirier, was fairly frequently; he did love performing, he just couldn’t handle the demands performing at that level required.

At the end of the Frontiers tour, the stand-in returned to his other band (all Dr. Poirier would say was “a group well-known to the core Journey fans”) and Steve began work on his first solo album, Street Talk, which was released in 1984 with good prospects. Even so, the record company would not support a solo tour; they wanted Perry to return to the studio for the next Journey album, Raised on Radio.

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