2. Suspending Disbelief « Audrey Owen

2. Suspending Disbelief

Posted by Audrey Owen on April 1, 2010


And why now?

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Let’s go back to the beginning, the day I got a call from Dr. Cantor Poirier, MD., about a story that, he said, just might make my career. Currently, my “career” consists of local color and police reports for a small town newspaper so I can’t afford to ignore leads; Dr. Poirier invited me to meet him at his office.

“Thank you for coming Ms. Owen.” A small man, trim and precise, gestured me to a chair. He took his own and folded his hands neatly on the desk between us. The office was small but surprisingly opulent with deep leather chairs, a richly detailed oriental rug, and exotic plants at the window to soften a ground-floor view of the parking lot.

He began by telling me that he had been asked to contact me by his colleague, a Mr. Steve Perry.

“Steve Perry… of Journey?” I asked.

“Formerly of Journey, yes.” He smiled. “That Steve Perry.”

Perry had come to his office the day before and had given him my name; he explained that Perry had been looking for a writer, a good one, without any favors to return. “A bright, open minded writer at the beginning of a promising career, that’s what we were told.”

Continuation via 2. Suspending Disbelief « Audrey Owen.


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  1. good story, Audrey. Fun and creative. More!

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