Last night at the legendary Fillmore in San Franciso I was lucky enough to have a front row view of our hometown boys The Neal Schon Band. I hadn’t seen Neal Schon perform since he played there with his band several years ago with Jeff Scott Soto. This time around, Neal is being accompanied by his son Miles Schon on guitar (the apple does not fall too far from the tree people!), Marco Mendoza on bass, Prairie Prince on drums, Keith St. John on lead vocals, and the incrediblly talented John Varn on keys. The energy and smiles that were coming off that stage made me feel as though I was part of history. Seeing the interaction and pride in Neal’s face when he introduced his son Miles was priceless. They are definitely one talented & proud family. You get the idea that they are all about having fun and flying through the air on heavenly guitar riffs and heart pounding bass guitar & drum beats, beautiful keyboard melodies, and soaring vocals.

There were many highlights of the show. It was hard to believe two and a half hours went by – it felt like an hour because it was just that damn good! The night started with Miles & John doing a sweet little solo set and then inviting their own bass player Tim Baker from The Miles Schon Band onstage to rip out a few of their own original songs. You should have seen their faces ~ I call it smiles the size of Texas! I especially loved the Jimi Hendrix song they did! I mean it was all beautiful & amazing to see and hear. The fact that these guys are so young in their early twenties with such great talent and playing at The Fillmore leaves me certain that they are all going to be big stars. The other fact that they hang out and party with us one night at our own little favorite hometown venue Peri’s in Fairfax and the next night we see them smiling to us from the stage at The Fillmore tells us they are still just our friends from Marin having a good time!

Yes, you get the feeling they are family. That they are a close knit band, truly engaged and happy to be playing together and felt as though they have all known each other for a lifetime. They did a song about “Our Hometown” and I remember feeling chills running over my body thinking that I have grown up all my life with Neal Schon’s music in my ears. From the days of Journey and through the years there was definitely a sense of nostalgia of the past & the present coming together in beautiful harmony. I mean you just aren’t from the Bay if you don’t love Neal Schon…just sayin!


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