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When people think of Journey they think of the last scene of The Sopranos, Rodney Dangerfield telling us to dance, and Steve Perry pledging undying love as he balls up his fists in “Faithfully.” But Steve was not the first singer to lead the band, in fact he wasn’t even the second. Perry joined the band in 1977 and was on board when they recorded their best known hits including “Don’t Stop Believin,’” “Any Way You Want It,” and “Open Arms.” Can you name the first two singers to lead Journey?

Gregg Rolie was the first to handle lead vocals for the band and then Robert Fleischman joined Journey for a short lived stint in 1977 before Steve Perry took over until 1998. How many singers came after Perry and what were their names?

Steve Augeri replaced Steve Perry in 1998, but he was dropped in 2006 and Jeff Scott Soto took up the position for a few months until Arnel Pineda took the helm after Journey saw him on Youtube singing covers of Journey songs. And you thought posting those little videos online of your kids singing would lead nowhere. Of the five founding members, only guitarist Neal Schon has been with the band the whole time since 1973.

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  1. Yeah, most of us know all that stuff, so what’s your point?

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