Page 300: Heaven Tonight

They kicked off their encore by reprising a song from their Las Vegas Sgt. Pepper residency, playing an outstanding version of “A Day In The Life.” The Beatles’ classic made an impressively appropriate segue into a raucous version of “Dream Police” that featured a guest appearance from Journey’s Jonathan Cain on keyboards. After that back to back powderkeg, and entire audience was floating on a musical high that seemed like it could last forever, which is why it was all the more surprising when Rick Nielsen and Bun E. Carlos started off the intro to “Good Night.” Surely the band wasn’t going to call it quits after a mere 75 minutes? When Zander sang “That’s the end of the show, now it’s time to go,” they meant it, and we got our unfortunate answer.

All though the concert was way too short, it feels like it’s hard to complain. Yeah, it was brief, but it was also incredibly good. After over thirty years together, the guys have lost absolutely none of their ability to put on an utterly fantastic show. And frankly any setlist that includes “She’s Tight” can do no wrong.

via Page 300: Heaven Tonight.


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