Steve Perry Would Prefer Dodgers Fans Stop Believing | NBC Connecticut

Journey singer is one unhappy Giants fan


Every time the Dodgers play “Don’t Stop Believin'” before the bottom of the eighth inning, money gets dropped into Steve Perry’s pocket. The former lead singer of Journey isn’t happy about it, though. He hates that the Dodgers use the song because he’s a Giants fan who doesn’t like that the Dodgers are riding that midnight train right to the postseason.

“It tweaks me to know they’re using the song as a rally song. I really wish we’d have hijacked it first. I think the song is about hope and power, and it’s working for them, damn it.”
No argument that the song is about hope, but power? People with power do not, as a general rule, take the midnight traing going anywhere. They’ve got stuff to do.
Anyway, the Dodgers didn’t hijack it first. They hijacked it eighth or ninth or even later. The White Sox used it in 2005, which bothered Perry enough that he started going to their games, and the Tigers jumped on the bandwagon in 2006. That led to other Detroit (North Detroit, so the fit isn’t perfect) teams blasting the song with varying degrees of success. The Lions, for example, were born to sing the blues. Then the song was the last thing heard on the last episode of “The Sopranos” in 2007, and you haven’t been able to avoid it for more than a day or two at a time ever since.

via Steve Perry Would Prefer Dodgers Fans Stop Believing | NBC Connecticut.


2 Responses

  1. I really wish everyone would leave DON’T STOP BELEIVING ALONE!!! It’s a beautiful classic and not made for Junk ads. It’s made for the heart..

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