Bands show it’s the song, not the singer

Ever-shrinking profits are keeping bands on the road for long stretches these days — even when they don't want to be — so the news that Aerosmith's Steven Tyler is currently out of a job shouldn't come as a surprise.

Oft-feuding acts like Aerosmith are bound to come apart at the seams eventually. But bills still need to be paid, and if a member isn't down for the cause the tour train will keep rolling with or without them.

Frontman foibles are everywhere at the moment. A recently reunited Faces is looking for someone to replace Rod Stewart, while Oasis is seeking a replacement for Noel Gallagher. Velvet Revolver is casting about for its new Scott Weiland, while Queen has said a fond goodbye to its Freddie Mercury replacement, Paul Rodgers.

Some choices will put the band on the scrap heap. Here's 10 acts who found ways to survive with new voices singing their old songs.

1 Journey. New singer: Arnel Pineda. Founding guitarist Neal Schon was alerted in early 2007 to a YouTube clip of Arnel Pineda and his Filipino group, the Zoo, covering Journey's Faithfully. Schon knew he was on to something good: Within a year Pineda signed on as the sixth singer in Journey history and was performing live with the group to ecstatic reviews. Revelation, the first Journey album with Pineda on-board, was a huge success, prompting genuine comparisons to Steve Perry, who led the group to stratospheric success for the better part of 20 years.

via Bands show it’s the song, not the singer.


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