Katy rocks to help | The Philippine Star

For this concert, it’s not Katy alone who will lend a helping hand but her guests Arnel Pineda and Neal Schon of Journey, American band Mae and Jed Madela. They waived their talent fees for the event.

“I’m proud and humbled to be here,” says Neal of his participation in the concert. “(I hope we can) raise a lot of money. I want to give back and help in whatever way I can.”

via Katy rocks to help | The Philippine Star >> News >> Entertainment.


2 Responses

  1. @cutlets29: perry who? steve perry or katy perry? lol

  2. Neal , OH PLEASE!you dont even know what the word HUMBLE MEANS! I believe Arnel is humble and you are just a steve perry backstabber!!! You were nothing without him and you still need somebody who sounds like him to make it! Your new half album only made it because of old journey songs with steve perry, and not once have I heard a new song of yours on the radio only the the voice himself they play. P.S. CAINES A BIG A[…] TOO!!! Cant wait for Perrys new album!!! You guys are lucky because your fanbase are asians or else you would be screwed!!!

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