Band “Journey” on Oprah –

For those of you who are in the USA,  (Oct 5) the classic rock band Journey are the guests on Oprah. Oprah is on NBC at 4pm Pacific Time (check local listings for your time zone). As part of the program, clips of the edited footage from the 10-RED camera production of the Journey concert in Manila will be aired.

As you might remember, I was a DP and one of the stage front shoulder held cameras for that production. I recruited my good friend Blair Paulsen (RED #19) to be the other stage front shoulder held camera.

The edit on the DVD version has been completed – and according to Dan Barnett, the Executive Producer of the HDTV program and DVD, the editing went extremely well. In his words: “We are getting a great response and the show looks amazing! It (DVD) will be in stores in Wal-Mart 4th Quarter”.

So, if you get a chance check out our Journey in Manila clips on Oprah tomorrow. If you miss it, look for the DVD to be released sometime before the end of the year.

The lighting director was Jeff Ravitz – one of the very best in the live show business. We knew lighting would be a challenge – being in a huge outdoor venue at night. We wanted to have enough light to shoot at an aperture of 5.6, which with Jeff’s skill we were able to achieve.

We had a rehearsal night to work out the kinks in lighting and camera placement.

We had two shoulder held cameras right in front of the stage, mounted on ET Mantis rigs. We also had a Steadicam, a 40′ jib, a dolly, a mini-jib on the stage, and five long lens cameras on stands spaced through the venue. The long lens cameras in the back of the venue used cine lenses (Optimo 12x), and the shoulder held, Steadi, and jibs used Nikon lenses.

We hardlined the 720p live output from each camera to the control room, where it was switched in a live call by the director to the huge IMAG screen above the stage. Each camera also recorded Quad HD to a RED Drive mounted via an ET Shock Mount. The HDTV show and DVD were then edited in post from the Quad HD drive footage.

All 10 REDs performed flawlessly – we had no camera problems whatsoever – and no dropped frames on any drives.

Journey management hung out in the control room and kept commenting on how much they liked the images and camera work. The EP was also way stoked with the performance of the REDs and crew. Journey put on one of the best concerts I’ve ever seen or shot…amazing energy. The Filipino people were great…

I wrote a review article of the production for TV Technology magazine and there’s a lot more info about the production in it. Here’s a link:

The Oprah show will have some good clips from the edited concert, but if you get a chance, check out the DVD itself…its very cool 🙂

Steve Gibby
RED #0008, “London”, one more (Production & consulting) (Equip. & Bio) (New Gibby RED Stock Collections)
(RED One Stock footage)

via Band “Journey” on Oprah tomorrow –


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