Ellen Degeneres is touring with Journey?


As you all know (if you don’t. you’ve been living under a rock with no TV or radio), Journey is playing Ford Park Sunday!

Enterprise reporter Heather Nolan scored an interview with Journey keyboardist and backup vocalist, Jonathan Cain. (Sorry gang, you’ll have to wait to hear Cain’s thoughts on Jouney and Steve Perry until Friday’s BE.) Cain’s publicist also sent Heather a recent shot of the band (pictured right).

While checking out new lead singer Arnel Pineda (or new Steve Perry, as I call him), we realized – much to my amazement – that Ellen Degeneres is touring with Journey!

That woman is everywhere. She has her own daytime show, she’s judging American Idol and she’s still got time to sing with “Open Arms”. I am kidding of course. But my goodness, Ross Valory (far right) is really channelling some Ellen hair in this press shot.

I don’t blame him. Everything Ellen touches turns to gold. And let’s be honest, it’s easier getting into posh clubs and restaurants these days as the face of Cover Girl than “some guy from Journey”.

via Trendy on a Dime: Journey bringing Ellen on Beaumont tour?.


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  1. I love you steve perry and without you Journey would never have been much of anything. Who cares what Caine has to say, like Perry will never be in journey ever again. He was good enough while he was making them rich and famous. I always say never say never because Mr Caine you lost that IT factor when your co-writer Mr Perry pretty much got screwed over by the band. I say the only real and humble person in Journey right now is Arnel and I hope you guys dont corruped him. SP 4EVER!!!

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