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“Don’t Stop Believin'” is the theme of ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’ on October 2nd when Journey appears on the show to tell Oprah how Arnel became part of the band as well as a performance of their hit anthem. Don’t forget to set your DVR’s!

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  1. Arnel is a very good singer and I wish him the best of luck. All I can say is, I never get tired of playing my old Journey albums, and Mr Perry I hope you know how much you are loved and missed. Hurry with your new album so we can see you live in concert and hopefully on Oprah!!!

  2. To respond to anonymous, I don’t have to see the concert.I’ve heard Arnel with Journey. He has a good voice, but it’s not Steve Perrys voice. you must not have been a Journey fan from the beginning.It isn’t just the songs , it was Steve Perry and the songs.I don’t want to hear somebody else sing what i’ll always think of as his songs!You are entitled to your opinion and i’m entitled to mine!!!

    • But then again mmc, Steve Perry is not with Journey now. In fact, he’s not been for 10 years. Arnel Pineda is not Steve Perry, but he is the lead singer of Journey now. I guess you could still listen to Steve Perry, by listening to old Journey albums and watching the old videos. You said we’re entitled to our own opinions and you, yours. Yes, and we are also entitled to enjoy what Journey is now and be able to see them in concert, okay… We are also entitled to enjoy and listen to new Journey with Arnel Pineda as lead without someone harping behind our backs of what has been. We get it, Perry is the voice. But Arnel is today, singing in front of us and letting us enjoy Journey music live.

    • I so agree with you JB. And to you, mmc – hope you understand, Steve Perry with Journey was amazing. Nobody’s trying to take that away. But this is the now, Steve Perry had his time and you had your time. It is Arnel Pineda’s time now, allowing a whole new generation of Journey fans to feel what you have felt with Mr. Perry in Journey. As JB said, you could always look back to your cd’s and videos. Just let us enjoy what we have now…..

    • Im a Journey fans. I love the Journey with or without SP, Im glad Neal found Arnel Pineda.The group still Journey, let’s move on with the new lead singer. SP is done, adios, like you said we all entitled to our opinion. JOURNEY ROCKS…….

  3. I love Journey, but only the Journey with Steve Perry.You can’t have a group when the heart and soul is not with them. Steve Perry is that heart and soul and always will be.Nothing against Arnel but It’s not Journey.It’s just a group with a good singer and good music but it’s not Journey!!!

  4. hi miss oprah i his a daughter that crerbral palsy .and she love journey oprah i take his to work with she love steve perry can you make my daughter dream come true thank you

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