Journey: Bring A Lighter And Wave It

Journey is incredible. Just consider the awesome power ballads “Don’t Stop Believing,” “Any Way You Want It” and “Lights.” This stuff hits you like a punch in the stomach, followed by a drunken hug, from your high school best friend. And let’s remember “Faithfully,” their song about life on the road. It’ll make you cry, or sing along, or spend between $85 and $125 on tickets to see them this Sunday at Chevrolet Theatre.

Journey has three remaining members from their heights of the early ’80s: bassist Ross Valory, pictured second from left, lead guitarist Neal Schon, far left, and keyboardist Jonathan Cain, far right. Arnel Pineda, of the Philippines, became the new lead singer in 2007. (It’s said he first gained attention after clips his previous band’s Journey covers appeared on YouTube.)

Heart, the sister-led group of “Crazy On You” fame, will open.

via Hartford Advocate: Music – Bring A Lighter And Wave It.


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