Journey delivers emotional show : Other WNY : The Buffalo News

Link to article> Journey delivers emotional show : The Buffalo News.

DARIEN — Journey.

To some — the band guilty of starting in motion the power-ballad form that ended up granting us both Bon Jovi and Def Leppard.

To others — founders of a deeply emotive form of rock indelibly immersed in soul and R&B.

Is there an in-between? Not really. You either dig this stuff, or you don’t — with vigor.

Those who dug it gathered Saturday at Darien Lake’s Performing Arts Center, to the tune of a packed amphitheater and a lawn three-quarters full. Throughout, it sure seemed that those who made the trek to the show were getting exactly what they came for.

That’s cool, since Journey suffered a serious blow to its pop credibility when singer Steve Perry bailed on the band, first in the late ’80s and again after a brief reunion in the early ’90s. Perry is one of the finest singers to have worked with an American band during the ’70s and ’80s — so soulful and deeply immersed in the style of Sam Cooke was his all but peerless singing.


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