slightly crunchy: omg journey!!

Last night david and i went to go see journey/night ranger. oh. my. gosh. when i first bought the tickets i had no idea that steve perry was not in the band any more and when i did, i was mad. however this anger quickly dissipated when i flew to youtube and found videos of arnel pineda as the new lead.

By the way did i mention he is turning *42* next week? he could easily pass for 20-30s. even watching this video his performance was incredibly more entertaining, clearly he is more comfortable in the band. the point im highlighting in the video is his uncanny/amazing vocal resemblance to steve perry. the entire evening david and i were talking about it. actually the woman next to me leaned over (she being in her mid-late 40s im guessing) asking if i remembered “the old journey” and i said “OF COURSE” and we laughed about how surprisingly and nearly identical the voices were between the two.

they closed the show with faithfully/any way you want it/don’t stop believin’ and well… it brought the house down. lots of finger pointing and fists in the air and people singing at the top of their lungs. yeah. it was a good night.

via slightly crunchy: omg journey!!.


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  1. I wonder why Journey didn’t include Australia in their current tour. They have quite a following here as well, all thanks to their uplifting songs and of course Perry. But from the looks of it, I think Arnel is really getting comfortable now with the band after what seems like a case of butterflies during their first few gigs outside the US.

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