Journey: A Heartwarming Story – Knit By God’s Hand: Open Arms….

Who are these two women? I have no idea…

Their names? I have no idea…

But I can tell you – these two women touched me beyond words…

The woman in the wheelchair, I’ll call her “HOPE” – you could tell she was not well. She looked like she was in pain – looked weak – looked uncomfortable – looked like she was just suffering.

Her friend, I’ll call her “GRACE” was with her during the whole concert. And I mean WITH her during the whole concert.

Hope was sitting during Heart & was enjoying it, but you could see that when Journey came on – that was why she was there! And since being in the wheelchair & with everyone standing, her view was distorted. Grace put Hope’s arm around her shoulder & helped lift her up so she could see Journey with her own eyes for just a few minutes.

I knew right there during this concert, my view & my heart were going to be settled right here on these two.

Grace would rub Hope’s back when she was getting uncomfortable – she would hold her hair up & fan the back of her neck (as she’s doing in this picture), she would alter her position to try & get Hope into a place where she could sit for just a few more minutes.
The best part – Grace would look down at Hope & smile at her every time their eyes met – it was like speaking with no words – words of “I’m here for you… I’ll help you through anything”

Then… oh mercy… I can see it all again – the song “Open Arms” came on…
Hope barely raised her arms in full excitement & Grace came from behind the wheelchair & put her arms under Hope’s arm & she lifted her right up out of that wheelchair. She griped her arms around Hope’s chest & with all her strength, she held her up during the whole song…
when the words of the chorus was sung: “So now I come to you, with open arms – Nothing to hide, believe what I say – So here I am with open arms – Hoping youll see what your love means to me – Open arms”
They both started streaming tears…. it was such a view of friendship that just tore me right to my heart….
To hear those words of that song through the eyes of a friend who obviously is there to help her friend through all the struggles of her life… with this woman holding up her friend, literally with open arms… it was such a moment I felt honored to even witness.
After the song was over, Grace had to walk out for just a minute to wipe her face….
I dont know these women or their story…. but I can tell that there is struggle there…. I could see pain & heart ache…. but I sat in a rock concert & witnessed what LOVE was… the power of a friendship….
Yeah – it was a great concert….

via Knit By God’s Hand: Open Arms…..


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