Columbus Alive : Marquee: Journey

As far as late-’70s/early-’80s anthemic arena pop goes, I’ll take Toto over Journey any day. Kids today don’t see it that way. More than a handful of people I’ve met recently admit frankly, “I do. I just really love Journey.”

This is weird.

Years ago, Journey would’ve been the band you avoided in shame because you caught your mom dancing wildly to their greatest hits and singing into a mop handle. Times have changed. The music of Steve Perry proves that, in the age of irony, kitsch is more powerful than the stain of parental association.

Admittedly, the band never bothered much with controversy or risk, so there’s plenty to like. Evidenced on quintessential track “Wheel in the Sky,” their sound hinges on epic guitar riffs, pounding keys and Perry’s otherworldly vocals. The band was nothing if not note-perfect, and its crescendos remain primed for a montage about overcoming hard times.

Even so, the incarnation set to hit Columbus next week begs many questions. Of all the bands famous in 1978, how has Journey thrived? More importantly, how can a diminutive Filipino named Arnel Pineda sound so GD much like Perry?

Some mysteries will never be solved. Sometimes it’s best simply to close your eyes, light a Bic and sway along shamelessly in peace.

via Columbus Alive : Marquee: Journey.


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