Journey takes state fair crowd back to ’80s | The Courier-Journal

Although all of the usual criteria for a nostalgia-based show were in abundance at Friday night’s Journey concert at the Kentucky State Fair, there was a big difference. The show didn’t recall 1981. It was 1981.

The energy was no different, the songs sounded like they were fresh off the radio, and Freedom Hall was sold out as if Journey were still at the top of the charts. It even looked like the same drunk guy was hitting on the same drunk girl as she danced to “Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin’.” In other words it was a blast, and the band has never sounded better.

Nearly the entire set was composed of the band’s best-known material, and sing-along moments were plentiful and sweet, peaking with the string of classics that closed the show — an epic “Faithfully,” a celebratory “Don’t Stop Believin’,” a giddy “Any Way You Want It” and “Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin’,” with its fail-safe “nah nah nuh nah nah” finale. It was a built-to-kill 20 minutes and it slayed.

That Journey would know how to pace a show after 30 years of gigging was no surprise, but the band’s unflagging energy was certainly impressive. New singer Arnel Pineda led the way, bounding around the stage as if he were 21 instead of 41.

Pineda has been the linchpin of Journey’s resurgence thanks to a voice that echoes that of former lead singer Steve Perry, but Pineda has increasingly become his own man. He’s no longer imitating Perry but singing in his naturally lower register with cannon-like power. In fact, he was almost too powerful at times, skipping subtlety altogether and simply pegging the meters. Neal Schon was sometimes guilty of the same on guitar, but it was easy to forgive both; pegging the meters is fun.

via Journey takes state fair crowd back to ’80s | | The Courier-Journal.


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