Indianapolis Journey Review – another perspective.

Ahhh, Journey and Heart,a show that I will see time and time again as long as they make their way through Indianapolis. I love them, maybe I am bias towards them because my mom and I have had many heartfelt moments to them, besides that they rock (as long as the front man knows his stuff as Arnel does). I mean come on they found him on YouTube singing to his favorite band (Journey DUH!) as well as other songs and now he is the lead singer, what a gig!

Yes they did newer songs and older songs, the classics, of course received better crowd participation but you know what even the songs I didn’t know sounded awesome and they were still jamming, and to me, showing what they can do musically. When you have been around as long as Journey has you have to strut your stuff.

I like that Arnel jumps and runs around the stage, it has to take a lot out of a performer to do that and still sound as awesome as he did. I think he sounds just as good as past front man Steve Perry. And trust me I have seen Journey concerts where the sit-in singer sucked! But the band, Journey is for me, a household name. And even the songs I didn’t know I still sweated through and tried to sing, that’s what I do. I love Journey.

via Journey Review another perspective..

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