Tulsa Today – Don’t Stop Believin’ in Rock in America

Monsters of 80’s rock rolled into the BOK Center Wednesday night to a crowd that ranged from 6 – 60 years old.

Journey and Night Ranger, two heavy weight acts known for hard rocking anthems as well as amazing power ballads set the stage on fire with blistering sets that had eyes widened and jaws dropped.

Night Ranger opened up the night with a hard-edged offering that could only be described as amazing.

From the opening song “This Boy Needs to Rock,” it was clear that this veteran band has not lost a step in its 25 plus years

After a short intermission, the lights went out and silhouettes came onto the stage showing that Journey had indeed arrived and were ready to take their place and keep the party going.
Neal Schon started into a solo that seemed a little odd to start the show with but was met with great reaction.
That gave way to the now infamous synth riff of “Separate Ways (World’s Apart)”  emerging from behind Jonathan Cain’s keyboard/piano set up as he strutted out with new Lead Singer Arnel Pineda, with Cain stating, “The thrilla’ from Manila!”

This kid has some serious energy and put everything he had into this show.

via Tulsa Today – Don’t Stop Believin’ in Rock in America.


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