Will Steve ever be part of the band again? – McKinneyNews interviews Jonathan Cain of Journey


I have to ask. What about Steve Perry? Will Steve ever be part of the band again?


I think Steve kind of closed the door. We have an open door policy. If he wants to come around and sing I’m sure Arnel will be the first to tell you he will share the stage with Steve Perry. But Steve’s kind of moved on. He’s got his own life.

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Jonathan Cain.

He’s probably one of the most successful songwriters you’ve never heard of. Or to put it another way, in a world where money talks, he’s the guy you’ve never heard of who quietly strolls into his bank each week to deposit the mega royalty checks surely still pouring in from the days when his talent for melody-making and lyric writing knew no bounds.

Some 25 years after its heyday, Cain’s band has managed to move its collective product into the visceral regions of the American psychic landscape, burrowing deeply into the collective consciousness of four decades worth of fans with a beguiling combination of irresistible keyboard-driven melodic lines accented by an oftentimes ferocious, rock-blues guitar attack.

Speak of the songs Cain either outright authored or helped author – “Don’t Stop Believin'”, “Faithfully,” “Open Arms,” to name just a few — and once dim eyes widen with recognition. Then the smiles come.

Indeed, Jonathan Cain is a member of Journey, a band whose roots can be traced to the San Francisco Bay Area of the early 1970s.

McKinneyNews.net caught up with Cain for a telephone interview Thursday afternoon. The effusive and plainspoken Cain, resting in Dallas before Friday’s (sold out) show at WinStar World Casino, was more than willing to share his memories of a very talented and evolving band – Cain didn’t join the outfit until 1980 – on the brink of superstardom.

From the inception of his ascension to rhythm guitar, keyboard, and songwriting duties for Journey, Cain says he knew he had found that one-in-a-million opportunity, an opportunity that blossomed into one of the most prodigiously fruitful three-way musical partnerships of the modern rock era. To date, the band has moved more than 80 million units worldwide.

via McKinneyNews.net interviews Jonathan Cain of Journey | pegasusnews.com | Dallas / Fort Worth.


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