The 2008 MelRock Awards – Pineda, Vocalist of the Year

Revelation – #3 for Album of the Year

The pressure was squarely on these guys to deliver in the wake of controversial vocalist changes and a disappointing album that preceded this one. The 2CD/DVD package was an instant hit with long time and casual fans alike, but what shines brightest here was the new songs. Full of energy, passion and some grittier than expected material. The ballads are for the most part fresh and entertaining also. And at the forefront of this album is Arnel Pineda, who under the intensity of a blow-torch, delivered in style.

Arnel Pineda (Journey)

A few truly great vocal performances around in 2008, but Arnel takes the prize – simply because he delivered big time under huge pressure from all sides. He had to live up to Journey fan expectations…he had to replay the faith the band showed in him….he had to overcome the unpopular decision to let 2 previous vocalists go…one of his first shows was broadcast live across the world and he had to deliver live on his first grueling US tour. And on top of that he had to re-record a dozen of the band’s legacy tunes. My hat goes off to Arnel for delivering on all fronts and staying humble despite having monster talent.
Honorable Mentions – Erik Martensson (Eclipse); Jimi Jamison; Pekka Ansio Heino (Brother Firetribe & Leverage); Rick Springfield; Robert Berry (Solo & Alliance).


  1. 1.  Journey – Turn Down The World Tonight
  2. 2.  Rick Springfield – Oblivious
  3. 3.  Marcello-Vestry – Gone

via The 2008 MelRock Awards


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