Steve Perry back on the radio – July 2009

Journey is still on its never-ending tour following their comeback Revelations album and hiring of singer Arnel Pineda.

A bunch of new dates have been added, including several in Florida (but none in Tampa Bay.) So local fans here will have to travel to Orlando for the Sept. 23 show at the Amway Arena. Opening for Journey is … Night Ranger, marking at least the third time this year they’ve played Central Florida. For all I know, they’re set up right now outside my apartment, reading to serenade me with Sister Christian on the way to work.

More interesting Journey news: Their former, iconic singer Steve Perry is being interviewed this week by the CBC, Canada’s radio network, for a story on the enduring popularity of Don’t Stop Believing. Also being interviewed: Yep, some schlep named Steve Spears of Stuck in the ’80s. Supposedly, Perry will hear what I’ve said about the legendary hit song and react to it during the interview. And I wonder why I haven’t been able to sleep for days now.

Hopefully I’ll have an audio clip to post later this week. And yes, of course, I’m going to try to get Perry on the Stuck in the ’80s podcast. Trouble is that I only have about 300 or so questions to ask him!

via Journey back on tour (still); Steve Perry back on the radio.


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