Singer, ‘Sopranos’ revitalize Journey | The News Star

To Jonathan Cain, though, the most important factor in the Journey comeback drive has been Arnel Pineda, the singer-guitarist Neal Schon found doing Journey covers in a Filipino tribute band, the Zoo, on YouTube.

“I knew he had the ability,” Cain says of the 41-year-old who joined the group in late 2007. “He just had to find his way of making it his own up there.

“And Arnel’s been very adept at making it his presentation of the lead singer of Journey with his own persona. The other night, he was singing ‘Open Arms,’ and I got goose bumps. I was like ‘OK, I wrote this song. What’s going on here?’

“But Arnel just channels those feelings, you know? He’s such an emotional, heartfelt guy. He seems like he’s so fragile, but then he gets up there and throws off the gloves. He’s surprising, he is — just his energy.”

What Wal-Mart wanted was a re-recorded greatest-hits collection with maybe two or three new songs. Instead, it got a second disc of new originals.

“The music came together very quickly,” says Cain, who joined the band in 1980. “It was just a testimony to partnership and belief. Neal and I have been doing this for 30 years now, so we trusted each other, relied on our strengths and turned out a pretty darn good CD.”

For all that confidence, Cain was not expecting No. 5, the highest Journey has charted since that final Perry effort, 1996’s “Trial by Fire.”

“It’s not often that you get another chance like this to score one,” Cain says. “We’re coming back with a brand-new voice again, our fourth singer in 10 years. But I guess this means the fans want it to carry on.”

via Singer, ‘Sopranos’ revitalize Journey | | The News Star.


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