Schon Answered Some Questions Over the Phone – Tucson

When you performed in Tucson last summer, did you ever get to finish your set?

“We took a break and then came back out. We managed to get through three more songs before it got bad again. We had a little bit of roof on top, but the rain was coming in the front of the stage and it was heavy rain. The crowd was soaked. Some bands will cancel no matter what if they see something like that. I think it’s not cool when the audience is sitting there. I think you’ve got to play unless it gets uncontrollable and dangerous, which it did. Then you have to stop.”

Do you run into a lot of bad weather on the road?

“We played outside of Minneapolis with Sheryl Crow. We went on at 11 p.m. and we were all frozen when we got offstage. We got off and my fingers were purple. I got on the bus and a couple of my kids said, ‘Dad, you’re purple.’ ”

Is it harder to play in the heat or in the cold?

“Another guitar player who’s a friend of mine, his name’s Doug, he said to me, ‘How can you play in this cold weather?’ But it really didn’t affect me. What really affects me is the heat, when it’s super hot outside and you’re sweating so much that your strings get rusted four songs in. You feel a bit clumsy and you don’t play as smoothly as you can play. With the cold you feel it later. You wake up and your fingers are stiff and you need to stretch them out.”

The Caliente cover story next week is about karaoke. Do you ever sing karaoke?

“No. I tried singing a couple of times in my career with a couple of solo records. But, you know, when you work with really great singers, you stick to the guitar.”

What do you think of all the Journey cover bands that there are out there?

“I think we have more cover bands of us right now than any other band. There was one band in particular where the guy looks exactly like our former singer Steve Perry and was fooling people a little bit. They were using the name Journey in big print and in small print it says ‘a tribute to.’ That gets to be a bit much.”

Have you ever thought about taking legal action?

“No. I think it’s the highest form of flattery. But they should move on to another band. There’s already too many bands that cover us.”

via Returning to rock | ®.


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