Arnel Pineda to Freddie Aguilar: Be tactful | Manila Bulletin

Journey frontman Arnel Pineda has downplayed singer Freddie Aguilar’s comment that he [Arnel], Charice Pempengco and Gary Valenciano are proofs of Filipinos being “monkeys.”

“If he’s not proud of what we have achieved ay desisyon na niya iyan,” said Pineda in an interview. “I believe na kahit ang kinakanta ko man ay puro English – at hindi iyong [mga kanta] sa sarili nating salita – I still make Filipinos proud of what I have achieved.” he said.

Aguilar was alluding to an alleged statement American singer Mariah Carey made about Filipino entertainers’ tendency to “ape” other musicians.

Although Carey’s rumored racial slur was not proven, Aguilar went on to comment about it, saying, “[Pineda and Pempengco] only proved her assertions.”

“Sana next time ay maging tactful siya doon sa pagsabi niya ng ‘unggoy.’ He should not forget na Filipino din siya,” said Pineda.

Aguilar zeroed in on Pempengco’s performance in “Oprah.”

“Nasa Amerika ka na [so] bakit kumanta ka pa ng kanta ni Celine Dion? Sinabi ni Mariah na mga unggoy ang Filipino, gaya-gaya lang kayo, e, di napatunayan nga…totoo nga.

“Kasi, di ba, monkey see, monkey do?,” Aguilar said.

via Arnel Pineda to Freddie Aguilar: Be tactful | Manila Bulletin.


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  1. I am first and foremost a Steve Perry fan. Arnel can never be Perry.BUT, it is not fair to Arnel, a very, very talented man, to blame him for HOW he is getting his chance for exposure. He has the capacity to produce wonderful music on his own-and I hope he will. The people I have scorn for are the Journey members, especially Schon, who viciously put Perry down, yet hired Arnel specifically for his ability to ‘cover’ Perry’s songs (which Perry didn’t just sing, but co-wrote) in a way that would sound as much like Perry as possible. Why? Because for all Schon’s immense talent, he has never been able to commercially be successful on his own in a way that will cover for years of alcoholism (his admission), poor financial decisions, and the costs of at least 2 (or was it 3), divorces. They wanted Pineda to be almost like the Steve Perry impersonator-and I hope Pineda can get the last laugh and break away after having gotten name recognition-once again leaving them to admit that without Perry-they can’t make a dime.

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