Journey Old Vs. Journey Popular Vs. Journey New

Interestingly, the post-Perry era of Journey has seemingly taken a lot of these elements from both eras and created a more interesting hybrid than the hits era ever produced. Sure, albums like Arrival smelled of Jonathan Cain trying to wedge his glucose into every note of every song, but for some reason you have to envision that vocalist Steve Augeri (a guy who made his mark in more metalled up bands like Tyketto and Tall Stories) pushed back a bit, and got some support from Neil Schon (a guy who always wanted to be a metal guitarist, but chose cash over passion). The Augeri years had a lot more rock than most expected, and even some experimental stuff which seemingly left the band the day Cain joined the outfit. Listening to the Red 13 EP, you can only classify that as Journey trying to do something different. For me anyway, it worked well. Finally, enter Perry sound-alike Arnel Pineda to the mix, and you find Journey just trying to write an album that’s encompasses both classic and the hits era of the band. Revelation is, to me, the best album this band has done since Departure for many reasons. It brings the old school rock (“Never Walk Away”, “Change In The Weather”). Cain has his places to overload the music with hooks and radio ready schlock (“After All These Years”, “Where Did I Lose Your Love”). The highlight though is the return of the older, raw writing vibe. Songs such as “Like A Sunshower” could have been written in 1975, and would fit beautifully up next to the classic music of yesteryear. The band is back, and they’ve found a way to solidly mix all of their eras together. Hopefully the platinum success of Revelation will keep them from trying to reinvent the glory days again. Simply put, that era just didn’t hold up.

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