Steve Perry to Perform Again? In Honolulu?

Steve Perry’s management pulls plug on Honolulu concert

Steve Perry will not be performing at Pipeline Cafe as was announced this morning by Pipeline Cafe’s owner and manager Greg Azus.

“This morning everything was all set, and then we got word from Perry’s management company that it’s not going to work out after all,” Azus said this afternoon. “Everything was confirmed and signed, but I guess one hand didn’t know what the other was doing, and it fell through. We’ll be sending out an official press release tonight.”

The concert was scheduled to take place on June 25. Tickets were scheduled to go on sale Saturday.


8 Responses

  1. Perry only communicates on Fan Asylum, and he posted a message saying that this was definitely a hoax, there were never any plans for a concert so that his fans would know what was really going on. Herbert, the former manager who hates Perry, even though Perry has enough class never to trash him in the press, said that ‘he still has the first nickel he ever made’. However, Herbert, (if you can believe anything the flaming egotist says cause he also trashed all the other band members one by one), said that Cain, Valory, and Schon back in the late 1980’s were in desperate financial straits due to divorces and poor investment choices. If Steve makes a new album it will be because he has something to say musically. If you look at Schon’s and Cain’s discography, they have produced multiple, multiple albums since Journey broke up, I suppose for artistic pleasure since none of them sold worth a diddley. But hey, I don’t begrudge them that-an artistic outlet is great if it gives you creative pleasure. Just don’t trash Steve because he hasn’t chosen to jump on the ‘I’ve got to release an album every year even though it stinks’ bandwagon. Thank God Perry does have musical integrity. One can be assured that if and when he releases something it will be well done. He has continued to hone his producing/mixing writing craft since Journey as evidenced by the collaborations he does for tracks here and there for either emerging bands or behind the scenes for someone like David Pack. The Pack number was in either 2004 or 2005, and he still had that lovely, huskier voice that he displayed on FLSM/Quest for Camelot. I’d be happy to see a concert straight to DVD, or a webcast, or downloads, whatever-blues/jazz/show tunes, I don’t care! Just would love some new material from an iconic singer.

  2. To Anna ( 16th May) Oh,Really!

  3. What do you mean jumping on Journey success? Please, and he is running out of money? Not true, Steve has invested in his future wisely. He won’t be running out of any money, believe me. Where do you people come up with this crap? Dear Lord! Do you really know anything about him? Obviously not and he isn’t singing in Hawaii. He already issued a statement that it was a hoax. So what if he was though? What is the big deal? you are more or less saying that he was going to ride on Journey’s coat tails, remember one thing, Journey had to get a front man back in the late 70’s or they would have been so gone, they were not getting any air time, so they got Perry and they were overnight sensations. He has a voice and it is still golden. So I think you should check on things before jumping to conclusions. You think for one minute that SP doesn’t talk to some of them? I am sure he does. I don’t know about NS though, I know I wouldn’t after that comment. Oh and I am not a Perry loon either, I have just been following up on all this crap going on. I think if you read all the interviews and the way that man speaks you would find it very interesting reading. I was intrigued. I think the man has an amazing life, and the way he speaks of his former band members still amazes everyone. He never says anything bad about them….and still hasn’t, he has CLASS!

  4. Are you kidding me??? I think this is a ‘jumping’ on the latest success of Journey….Not to mention his checks are getting alot smaller these days……Just my thoughts??<<<<<

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