Howard Stern on Steve Perry, on Arnel Pineda


18 Responses

  1. Howard Stern is an ass!

  2. I can’t stand Howard Stern, but Steve Perry is a bigger jerk than he is….

  3. Big Bird you’ve always have had nothing but negative things to say about others, Yep you are a nasty BIG BIRD. Steve Perry is a great person and the best Rock Singer no can come close to him.

  4. Howard Stern is a “shock jock”. He gets paid to be an asshole and to cause controversy. The best compliment you can pay him is letting him know you care what he thinks. Why do you care what he thinks?

  5. I have never liked Stern, what a jerk!!! I love Steve Perry!!!

  6. Hey Big Bird I have a song for you “go suck your own dick oh wait you don’t have one” stupid ass mother f%#* I LOVE YOU FOREVER STEVE YOUR THE BEST!!!!! 🙂 I LOVE JOURNEY

  7. This guy sets a poor example for Americans making fun of a guy from another country just because he speaks english with an accent. I bet he doesn’t speak any other languages. It’s a great irony given that he comes from immigrant stock.

  8. I dont care what you said about Steve perry I still loving him because he is the best lead singer

  9. Howard Stern must be very jealous of Steve Perry! Why else would he waste time hating him???

  10. Steve Perry?

    Steve has something to make other’s jealous
    Could it be he looks better than most fella’s
    But no, if it were as simple as that
    Most guys would simply try a different hat

    Obviously Steve was sent from above
    To share his hope and undying love
    Sorry ’bout all the other guys
    Who simply hate him and so they lie

    Steve Perry’s a man that can’t be repeated
    The voice of an angel is never defeated
    So let them say what ever they feel
    Cause those who love Steve Perry, Always will!

    Look in the mirror if you feel you must
    try to change image of someone you lust…

    Interesting how that works!

  11. boy you really can’t take a singer joking with you and you hold a grudge and half to put the singer down…he is probably not singing with the group for a real reason and then they try to come back come on let it die…nothing is as good as hearing the original sing the song unless his voice is shot or something….still never the same let the music carry for it self..they had their hits because they were good together like beatles or any group that harmonized or sang good..its music life

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  13. Use to love Howard but you picked on the wrong guy. By the way my condolence to your grandfather they should of named you big bird with the little cock! We love you Steve Perry!!!

  14. Old news…Anna

  15. Booya! I really like your thinking Kel and Sharon. You are so right, never liked Stern, he is a pervert, and should not even speak Stephens name, and did he ever think that SP was birding on him, because people birded on him? You have to admit that SP had his share of teasing in school about his nose. Oh that beautiful nose. He has a nice prominent nose, if he didn’t he wouldn’t be him. I know this man through reading about him and I like what I have read so far. Very interesting he is. When you can read about someone and feel emotion about them, that is a great thing. The way he spoke of his mother melted my heart.

  16. Kel, Steve was right. Howard is big bird!

  17. Yep I knew there was a reason I always hated Howard Sterns Dudes got no class.

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