Jonathan Cain on MySpace Music

“I always wanted to try ‘Faithfully’ as a duet,”

In the signature songwriting style that helped bring Journey become one of the biggest rock bands in history, singer/songwriter/keyboardist/producer Jonathan Cain opens up and reflects on his latest studio release, “WHERE I LIVE.” The soul-searching album is his second since joining the REALITY label, home of famed artists like Jan Hammer (creator of Miami Vice theme), and the all-star British rock trio – The Jones Gang.

On “WHERE I LIVE” Cain delves into his own life and inspirations, starting with the title track whose flowing melodies set up the personal feel that defines this new album. From his hometown anthem, “Shine on Chicago,” to his touching tribute song “Before Brando,” then to “Man’s Best Friend,” a love song about living with a dog – it becomes clear that this record was born from an intimate place and time.

“Everything about this album feels like ‘home.’ I had written these songs over the years as tributes to specific events in my life, and I never really had a place for them,” says Cain. “This album is that place, and it’s fitting that I wrote it in my home studio – all the influences that first brought to me write this music were right at hand. My wife, my children, and even my son’s drum teacher all played a part in putting it all together.”

Cain does not forget the love ballads that brought him and Journey worldwide acclaim, and brings it back to the heart with the tracks “Between a Heartache and a Song,” “Letting Me Down,” and the first single off the album “Faithfully” – a brand new version of his Diamond Award winning song. The single features a duet with up and coming vocalist Mica Roberts who has shared the stage with superstars like Faith Hill, Willie Nelson, and is currently on tour with country hit-maker Toby Keith.

“I always wanted to try ‘Faithfully’ as a duet,” Cain says. “It’s challenging to reinvent a classic, but it’s definitely a song meant for two people. I wrote the song about that, really.”

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