Thousands Have Tried to Get Hawaii Tickets, and Failed

The Best Plea Wins Free Tickets to Journey? – WOMF™ Hawaii

Night to remember

I would love to win the Journey tickets for my friend. Her husband (as is many others) is currently serving overseas and yet she managed to move to the islands from Germany with her 3 kids and everything she owns. We military families seem to manage these tests of strength:0)


She has only asked for 2 things since resettling in the islands – that her husband remain safe and Journey tickets! We missed the sale of the tickets – didn’t get in that line quick enough – lol – so I am on a quest to see if I can get her tickets another way.

Journey was my room….

Ask my mom, JOURNEY was all over my walls growing up! I went to a concert in LA back in the ’80s and have been a long time fan since! I joked with my husband that this concert could be our one and only date night for the year but we were unable to obtain tix! ;( Even my kids are fans! Wow, who would’ve thunk it that an old group could reach the current generation! PICK ME……..

Journey Tickets

My dad went to go see Journey with my mom. This was before i was born. Before i was even a thought, before my brother was even a thought. My dad loves them and he wanted to make sure that i got to see them. Yet we stood in line on both days and never got the tickets. My dad’s friend tried to get tickets for us, but she couldn’t. It may not seem like a good enough reason. My dad wanting me to see Journey is not a great reason, but it’s one thats good enough for me. He loves me so much and he got me into liking Journey. It’s more like a wish he wants before he “kicks the bucket”…haha. But good luck to everyone!! =]


It goes on, and on, and on………

Interesting read. To see more> Who wants free tickets to Journey? – WOMF™ Hawaii- Learn from other consumers’ experiences..


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