Neal Schon and his Les Paul – Les Paul Guitars

1.  Teedlebomb- the bridge pup is a Burstbucker Pro, and the neck has a DiMarzio single coil size humbucker (not sure what it is called) stuffed in next to the Fernandes Sustainer.

2.  In 1973 I bought Les Paul Deluxe gold top for $408 w/case. It is sweet as can be, but this guitar Neal has blows it away by the controls that are on the guitar itself. Mine is valued at $8,000. I wouldn’t trade it but would love to have the one Neil plays…way better than EVH strats in my opinion. Les Paul remains the KING of guitars! Worth every dime if you want quality!!!!!

3.  I think the guitar is like $9000. Awesome guitar but a bit much for my budget.

4.  This is a guitar worth buying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5.  bottom line this mofo can play!!! thx for the tech info Neil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6.  Neal simplay rocks ! i’m just sad that because steve left journey 😦

7.  Neal rocks, but this guitar is prolly gonna be quite a bit more than that new axcess Les Paul, which costs like $3500.

8.  ……….

via Neal Schon and his new Les Paul | Les Paul Guitars.


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