Neal Schon, The Man with The Wiggly Head – (Jan 2006)

At press time, Journey’s Greatest Hits collection was the tenth best selling catelog album of all time according to, the online edition of the music-industry bible. For a group that hasn’t had a significant impact on radio or MTV in nearly two decades, that’s not simply impressive, it’s phenomenal.

How is it that Journey has endured a continual pop-music onslaught by the likes of Mariah Carey, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, yet still dwarfs most comers in terms of long-term fan adoration? According to group founder and guitarist Neal Schon, “It is as simple as having made ‘good songs that rock’ and not trying to make ‘good rock songs.’”

Perhaps, but there has to be something more to the house that Schon built than simply good construction.

“When he gets what I call ‘Wiggly Head,’ he starts moving his head and tearing it up, I just lose it too and we tear it up together! It is very cool. I have played with so many guitarists and no one compares to him. That guy is a monster and he is playing better than he ever has before which is saying something and he never stops!” enthuses a blissful, if often famished, Castronovo.

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