Why the Philippines Are Asia’s Rock Engine – Gibson Guitar

Weaned on window-side serenades and bred on unruly karaoke bars, the Filipino culture is a distinctly musical one that dates back to the early 1500s. The native musicians of the Philippines—a cluster of more than 7,000 islands in the western Pacific Ocean—have integrated assorted American and Spanish influences with the loud, clear voice of their country’s own musical past to create an infectious throb that’s catching on. From China to Indonesia, Singapore to Japan, if there’s an accomplished band on-stage in Asia, they’re more often than not of Filipino descent.

Arnel PinedaWord has reached America too. Journey recently recruited Arnel Pineda, a native son of the Philippines, to take over their lead singing position after viewing some YouTube clips of him belting uncanny covers of their hit songs.

Of his native land, Pineda says, “It’s a big sponge that’s open to world music. We grew up breathing music; it’s in our veins and in our hearts by age five. It’s infused with our passion.”

via Why the Philippines Are Asia’s Rock Engine.


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