Video of Journey’s Arrival at Manila Airport


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  1. Dear Joel,

    I tried to view the video but it did not work.
    But that is not the reason I am sending this.
    I had just been telling one of my grandkids, Caleb, about Lord Balfour and the Balfour Declaration when I tried to connect many various things – Haiti, January 22, 1972, Palestine, hatred against the Jews, the Holocaust, etc.

    I asked Caleb to pray for you safety because I am sure some people hate you with a passion – especially because of your personal relationship with Crhst.

    You will be meeting with important people there on January 22nd, I know. I have known this for sometime now and January 22nd has become specially significant to me because on the same day on 1972 I almost perished atop the then Manila International Airport terminal. I believe 13 people died in the conflagration that gutted the terminal.

    January 22nd is also significant to me because it is the “feast day” of San Vicente after which my home barangay was named.

    For me, the most significant thing right now is your being there on January 22nd. I will ask the four grandkids I am babysitting now (Caleb, Hannah, Creed, Elia) to pray with me for your safety and for the spiritual success of your visit there.

    By the way, I personally knew Richard Wurmbarnd (“Tortured for Christ”) and his family. I visited with him in his home many times – even praying alone with him and Sabina in their bedroom when he was too sick to see me in their living room.

    I praise and thank God for you.

    bro. dido miranda
    PS I read parts of “Israel is Real” (by Rich Cohen) to Caleb earlier. I hope to be able to borrow or buy copies of your books later this week.

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